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Green and Clean Tech:

Renewable Project Development

Our successful process has been developed and refined over the years by using leading industry expertise in renewable project sustainability. Our strong financial connections and skilled development partners allow us to ensure our success rate. The Stanfield Global team consists of highly qualified industry leaders who ensure that projects are implemented efficiently, and our project management expertise allows us to ensure project execution and return on investment
Whether it be graduating into contemporary advanced technology and structural design, or infrastructure planning and web development, Stanfield Global is the one-stop-shop for your green investment project.

From time to time we are presented with viable projects that extend beyond our primary category of “green” projects. These projects are driven by clients seeking the same expertise and vast knowledge in project development, management, and funding strategies.


In the entertainment industry, we have assisted in funding Academy Award winning films such as Slumdog Millionaire and Moonlight. "Carribbean Rebellion,"  the story of the Haitian Slave Rebellion against the French and the founding of the second republic in the Western Hemisphere, is scheduled for completion in 2026 and the screenplay is being authored by Stanfield Global CEO Dr. Cedric J. Franklin. We are always looking for the next big opportunity in film.

"Where do we start?"
Stanfield may invest up to $100 million to fund your meritorious "Green" Development Project.

Your minimum project size must be $5M dollars and an application fee of $4,750 is required. You may submit a white paper and /or a business plan along with your application.

There may be an additional retainer of $20-50K required depending on approval, location and type of "Green" development project.
Project submission does not guarantee approval and projects without a Clean Tech Renewable Application and fee will not be considered. Digital Technology Projects are considered Green, including film-making.

Gail Garnett, Executive Vice President and Chief Operations Officer

of Stanfield Global with Danny Glover in San Francisco

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