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Sustainable Project Ownership  

NOVA House

NOVA House™ represents a new senior housing prototype. This boutique assisted living home will accommodate 16 residents in a green, sustainable, elegant, home-like atmosphere. The facility will provide an upscale in traditional group homes. There is significant demand for such purpose-built senior housing in this established and growing market sector. The target market for NOVA House™ is Montgomery County, Maryland, one of the top 10 counties in the Nation.


Greenrock Extraction Corporation

(West Grove, PA)

Greenrock Extraction Corporation (GEC) is a large-scale biomass processing and extraction facility whose focus is centered around the isolation of cannabinoids, with a concentration on cannabidiol,  aka CBD. GEC's manufacturing facility is unique in design utilizing renewable, green efficiencies which reduce operation and utility costs by implementing a hybrid system incorporating power generation, heating/cooling, water, and air quality components increasing profitability. Furthermore, the extraction process will be a closed-looped ethanol recapture system providing added sustainability. Compliant with FDA, GMP and ISO certifications, Greenrock Extraction is equipped with pharmaceutical grade machinery. A holistic management approach allows large-scale processing and a 150,000 square feet building to work at optimum efficiency. GEC is adopting a robust MRP system, automation tools, artificial intelligence analytics, supply chain real time tracking, geo-tagging, and proactive security measures and monitoring.

"A greener tomorrow..Today"

The recent re-emergence of industrial hemp cultivation and processing, CBD was estimated to hit $1 billion dollars in sales in 2019 and a projected forecast of $10 billion dollars in sales by 2024 (2019 Hemp & CBD Industry Handbook). GEC is poised to manufacture real, high quality 99% pure isolate which will be used by other businesses to create consumer facing products for health/beauty, pharmaceutical, food/beverage manufacturers. With a firm control over quality, we can ensure our clients can confidently claim CBD concentration in their products. Conservatively capturing 1% of the market share (approximately $10 million dollars), an investment of 35.7 million dollar can be returned on investment within 4 to 5 years. According to our business plan, GEC is looking to target approximately 10% of the market share and increase yearly growth to 10-15%. 

Siena Hill (Oakland, CA)

A near net-zero smart green development utilizing solar tiles.  A smart home incorporates innovations in technologies that allow automation and interactivity through wireless connectivity. In commonly used features throughout a home, allowing residents the ability to interact, schedule, or automate their home's efficiency, safety, and comfort

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