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The Green New Deal

"Go Green, Get Green"
  • Get 30% or more OFF your utility costs

  • Get Solar with minimum to no upfront cost

  • Get a solution that reduces carbon footprint

  • Get clean and drinkable water

  • Get Money back incentives from $30,000 – $1.4 Million

Stanfield Global's Renewable Energy Team offers nonprofit entities (schools, churches, temples, synagogues, mosques, tribal Colleges, and historically black Colleges and universities) access to comprehensive renewable energy and patented pure water solution that requires minimal to zero upfront costs, uses a facilities’ existing infrastructure, provides up to a thirty percent (30%) reduction in utility costs, while minimizing the effects of increasing energy costs through “The Green New Deal.”


“The Green New Deal” is also offered to existing multi-family housing complexes, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, community health centers, and hospitals with non-profit statuses that qualify through the application process. The application process requires the completion of our online application that provides information about the project site along with at least 12 months of the most recent utility bills.

The Green "New Deal" is Stanfield Global's attempt to bring alternative energy, clean water solutions and technological advancements to under served communities using faith based institutions and schools and colleges as conduits.

Stanfield Global will provide a brand new energy system (SOLAR) to the existing structures of the before-mentioned institutions and cash incentives to faith based and non-profit institutions with minimal to zero up front costs if they qualify.

The objective of “The Green New Deal” is not just to bring Solar, LED lighting and clean water that is 99.8% clean of all contaminants (including COVID-19 virus) to your facility, but to create renewable energy and clean water solutions expected to benefit your organization and surrounding communities. Upon completion of each installation, cash incentives of up to $1 million (depending on the size of the installation) can be arranged.


The initial process is simple by providing some general information that will allow our team of experts to complete a cost benefit analysis custom tailored to your project.

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